Special Services & Motorsport Solutions

We can offer you a full motorsport package.
This contains the integration of any engine to your vehicle which will be used in motorsports.

Our specialists are able to advise you how to develop a package which fully covers your needs.
With their experience with motorsport electronics, such as Bosch Motorsport, EFI Technology, MoTeC and many other brands they know the best deal. Complete CAN-networks with powerboxes, Direct Injection or flat shift strategies, all these technologies are commonly used.

The first steps will be made by reviewing your current powertrain and plan how to get the most out of it. Based on your needs we advise you on the electronic and mechanical side. Parts will be ordered, developed or produced. With our in-house facilities we are able to calibrate your engine at any circumstances. Integration of your powertrain package can be done by your or one of our experts. One of our engineers will in integrate the rest of the electronics and support you during the first outings of the vehicle.

Contact us for a customised and very competitive quotation for all your motorsport needs