Chevrolet Historic

The engine based on the Small Block Chevrolet used in Peter Auto, Masters Historic and HARC series.
We have a specialization for the Lola T70 MK3 engine, injection or carburation, which is being used in several racing cars in Europe an America.

The 18deg engine is also one of our favorites, for example the use in the Chevrolet Spice SE92. The technical similarities between the Chevrolet LS engines and 18deg engines gives us the opportunity to combine our expertise and get the power you want.

We are engine partner of:


Toni Seiler Racing Team

Bonobo Racing


  • Complete engine builds
  • Engine overhaul
  • Dyno services (type specific fixations)
  • In-house carburator specialist
  • Runtime inspection
  • Specialised parts network

Build to your wishes

Our years of experience have led to a thorough understanding of the Ford Historic Engines, we know exactly how to get the best performance for your setup.
Circuit racing or offroad, we can provide you with the best engine.