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Finding a competitive advantage and pushing technology is the key to design and build racing engines which are powerful, reliable and fuel efficient.

Every APP Racing Engines is carefully developed and engineered for the application before tested. It will be tested in different conditions on our own Superflow Dyno to ensure a winning performance.

APP was founded in 1993 a Porsche workshop specialized in engine overhauling, tuning and maintenance of Porsche’s. In 1998 we started racing in the Ferrari-Porsche Challenge with a 993 Supercup Porsche. One year later we had won 8 races with the 993 GT2 EVO with David Hart as driver. In 2000 and 2001 we competed in Spanish GT.  That same year we were also building the 996 GT2 twinturbo race car. Since then we have worked on several Porsche projects, but also lots of work in the FIA GT3 with the Corvette Z06-R.

In the past we did some projects with turbo street and racing engines.

APP Racing Engines specializes in design leading components and systems that drives performance. We utilize the knowledge and experience we’ve gained by our GT Racing history. Our engineers utilize the most current technology and systems available to turn visions of peak performance into racing reality.

Experience has taught us that manufacturing is the best way to go when producing racing engines. The ability to prototype new products and quickly machine and test components, gives us the flexibility to respond immediately to racing related problems.

In the highly competitive world of GT racing, we know handling processes like this in-house protects potentially compromising information.

The assembly of a competitive precision racing engine is not just about putting things together. The whole setup is chosen by tested components and combined with our years of experience in racing. For every application is a solution, by using several parameters the setup can be made.

With reliable and worldwide used engine builder equipment we are able to produce the engine which is suited for your application.  We provide complete packages for your racing car which are efficient and cost effective.

With our in-house equipment; 2 Superflow dynos and several measuring tools for the rotating assembly we are able to deliver a directly proven result.

By using mechanical and electrical engine analyzing systems we perform quality tests and deliver a product which is correctly fitted to your application and can been seen as reliable and powerful.